The amplifier on 144 MGts  for EME - communications(connections).

On fig. 1 the circuit powerful RA on 144 MGts, designed known among fans(amateurs) of EME-COMMUNICATION(EME-CONNECTION) ul'trakorotkovolnovikom UA1ZCL is shown.

The amplifier is executed on lamp 35 under the circuit with the general(common) cathode. Condensers S1... 9 provide blocking circuits of heat and displacement of the first and second grids. 9 is constructive and it is executed as a hoop covering a lamp. Excitation of the first grid is provided with the entrance coaxial resonator (from radio station RRS1M) which adjustment is made by condenser S12, and the coordination with input(entrance) PA - With 13.

Neutralization of through passage capacity of a lamp is applied for maintenance of stability through the constructive condenser With 10, taking place in an anodi compartment.

For reduction of communication(connection) With 10 it is separated from the anode by a partition shielding PE which is bent as shown in fig. 1 and by two screws it is fixed on the case. Bolt MZ is soldered to a plate With 10... 4 which through ftoroplastovuju a lining with a female thread is deduced(removed) in an entrance compartment. Adjustment With 10 achieve steady work of the cascade.

The target coaxial resonator consists of an external pipe in diameter of 90. 95 mm and internal - diameter 32 mm and length 375. 385 mm which is connected to the anode of a lamp. On an internal pipe through the appropriate throttles, through passage isolators and untying condensers the anodi pressure(voltage) +3,5 sq is sent also.

Adjustment of the target resonator is made by the constructive condenser With 15, diameter representing a disk 80. 90 mm to which the adjusting bolt twisted in a nut is soldered, soldered to an end face of the resonator. For maintenance of reliable contact between disk 15 and an end face of the resonator the figured spring from a thin brass or bronze is inserted.

Adjustment of communication(connection) with an output(exit) is made by the constructive condenser With 14, executed similarly 10, 15. For safety output(exit) RA earthed on a direct current through a throttle.As the lamp consumes significant capacity on heat, it is necessary to use a timer for a delay of submission net and anodi pressure(voltage).The circuit of formation of a pressure(voltage) of displacement of the first grid is shown on rice 2. Stabilitrons VD1. VD8 get out so that in position "RX" the pressure(voltage) of displacement of the first grid would be adjusted by switch S1 within the limits of 60. 120 In.