3-500Z Amplifier

From brochure the by Eimac


C-1 250 pF, 4.5 kV (Johnson 154-16)
C-2 1100 pF, 3 section Jackson Bros LE-3-4595-380. (M Swedgal, 258 Broadway, N Y 10007)
C-3 500 pF, 2.5 kV mica Sangamo H-5347
C-4 .001 uF, 5kV Centralab 858S-1000
C-5, C-6 500 pF, 10 kV TV "door knob" capacitor
C-7 thru C-10 .01uF, 600 V ceramic capacitor (Centralab DD-103)
C-11, C-12 .01 uF 1.6 kV ceramic capacitor (Centralab DD16-103)
C-13, C-14 .01 uF 600 V ceramic capacitor (Centralab DD-103)
C-15 thru C-17 .01 uF, 1 kV mica Capacitor (Sangamo H-2210)
M-1 500 mAdc
M-2 1000 mAdc
RFC-1 50 uH 14 bifilar turns #10 AWG enamelled wire wound on ferrite core. Q-1 material, 5 inches long. 1/2 inch diameter (Permag Central Corp., 1213 Estes Avenue, Elk Grove Village. IL 60007; Catalog #S-206-Q1). Notch core with file and break to length
RFC-2 100 uH. 1 Adc 112 turns #26 AWG. spacewound wire diameter on 1" diam., 6" long ceramic from (Centralab X-3022H insulator). Series resonant with terminals shorted to 24.5 MHz
RFC-3 20 ohm, 50 Watt wirewound resistor used as choke
RY-1 VOX operated SPST relay. Energized when transmit
PC-1. PC-2 Three 100 ohm 2W carbon resistors in parallel. Three turns #14 AWG 1/2" diam 3/4" long in parallel with resistors. (Equivalent: Ohmite P-300 reduced to 3 turns)
J-1, J-2 Coaxial receptacle. UG-58A/U, for type N connector
T-6 5 V at 30 Amp Chicago-Stancor P-4648
X-l, X-2 EIMAC SK 410 socket and EIMAC SK-406 chimney
B Blower, 13 cubic feet at 0.2 inch back pressure Use #3 impeller at 3100 rpm (Ripley 8472, Dayton 1C-180 or Redmond AK-2H-01AX)

T-1 (10 meters) 0.l5 uH. 4 turns #14 AWG on 1/2"-inch form, 1/2-long. Parallel capacitance: 200 pF, 1 kV silver mica capacitor. Resonant at 28.7 MHz.
T-2 (15 meters) 0.l5 uH. same as T-1 Resonant at 21.3 MHz with 470 pF, 1 kV silver mica capacitor.
T-3 (20 meters) 0.31 uH. 6 turns #14 AWG on 1/2-inch form, 1/2-inch long, slug tuned (National XR-50). Resonant at 14.2 MHz with 470 pF, 1 kV silver mica capacitor.
T-4 (40 meters) 0.31 uH, same as T-3. Resonant at 7.2 MHz with 940 pF, (Two 470 pF 1 kV silver mica capacitors in parallel).
T-5 (80 meters) 1.3 uH, 13 turns #18 AWG on 1/2-inch diameter form. 1/2-inch long, slug turned (National XR 50). Resonant at 3.8 MHz with 940 pF. same as T-4.

PLATE CIRCUIT COMPONENTS (for plate potential of 2500 Vdc). RL=1725 Ohm :

The 10, 15 and 20 meter inductor (L1) may be 10 1/2 turns #8 AWG copper wire (or 3/16" tubing) 2" diam., 3" long. Ten meter tap is 5 1/4 turns from plate end: 15 meter tap is 7 1/4 turns from plate end. The 40-80 meter coil (L2) may be 16 turns #10 AWG 2 1/2" diam., 4" long. 40 meter tap is 8 turns from junction with coil L-1.
S-2 Single pole ceramic switch high voltage 30 ° index. Radio Switch Corp Model 86-A.
NOTE: For additional data on plate circuit design, write for Amateur Service Bulletin #30, "Pi and Pi-L Networks for Linear Amplifier Service"
NOTE: B- of power supply is floating and grounded only through plate meter M2 and the 50 ohm salety resistor. Cabinet of power supply should be grounded to amplifier cabinet as safety measure.

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