The basic circuit of the amplifier of capacity with automatic adjustment of a current of rest of a radio tube on bending around SSB - a signal.

VT1,2 - 2SJ56 (IRF9640, IRF9620, 2703)  VT3 - -829   IC1,2 - mA-741  IC3 - mA-7824. 1 - the transformer on field-glass K10h5h4, on 5 rings in column 2000 or 124,56 3000 on 4 rings in a column. Tubes from a copper thin foil, shchechki from unilateral fol'girovannogo steklotekstolita; windings wire -0,07.   a - 4 coils, b - 1 coil, g - 1 coil from a tube also is used as 21/2 - a coil. L2,3 - 0.5 mH, a design - beskarkasnye, a coil to a coil wire -2 O=1, 8 coils, O coils 10. To arrange on a payment it is vzaimo-perpendicular. 2 - the transformer on two stuck together rings 2000 20105, is executed bifiljarnoj by a line from -0,12 two skrutki on sm, 4 coils with tap(removal) on middle of a line, see the circuit. RL1 - 100 W, 10 Watts.

The circuit of accommodation of radiocomponents on the printed-circuit-board.
Kind on the part of the bottom layer.
M 1:1.


Topology of the printed-circuit-board.
The bottom layer.
M 1:1.


The top layer of topology of a payment.
M 1:1

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